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Short Poems
There should be Stars ~ Pwl ...those worlds apart might end
The Mourner ~ Jean Ferris ...and I am called despair.
Musing in the Night ~ Pwl ...She the shining, of the dark
Enwrapt ~ Pwl ...see darkness looking back...
Avatar ~ Pwl ...So she has cast me down...
Waiting for the Night ~ Depeche Mode ...know that it will save us all
Touched ~ Pwl —in warm of morning sun.
Autumn ~ Riana mirrored in my coal eyes
Almost Ancient ~ Jenniver I the dark words elf
(Echoes) ~ Pwl ???
Hari's Song ~ Kym ap Rhys ...Ask me not to pass on by

Longer Whimsies
Living in Storm ~ Pwl Memory of a golden light
The Priestess ~ Pwl Of a gentle voice by night
Love on Fire ~ Soma A magic trick
Night Scribes ~ (various) Networked words
The Ghoulchild ~ (various) A shared cyberscribble
Sky Calling ~ Pwl Of a beautiful sky
Strangers Incompletion ~ Jenniver Our foolish babble slowing
Living in Cages ~ Pwl If I could come to your call
Grunnion ~ Allen Wheelis Who shall count the waltzing grunnion?
The Guardian ~ Kym ap Rhys "I am no dream, High Lord"
(Wings) ~ Pwl (still writing)

Miscellaenia in the Crypt
Why ~ Pwl From the other side of the mirror
Who ~ All who helped Poets and other Odd Entities
What ~ Pwl Corvidae: More Odd Entities
(Where) ~ More links Link stuff

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