Subject: Script for the Dark
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 17:50

<< a grave waits for you at Heaven's gate... >>

[pwl] That would be appropriate.... I thank thee.
[snuggles down in splendid coffin, jiggles lid shut]

[FX: "grating and thudding finality" noises of coffin lid shutting.]

[FX: start "hollow muffled" processing on voix for pwl]

[pwl] The silent dark has always been my comfort. My soul is pledged unto the Sky Dreaming for an aeon and a day. Thereafter, waken me if I am rested and renewed, but only if into a fairer world.

[soma] Helas! Then thee may'st wait long!

[pwl] I am patience discorporate.

[soma] I could lend you a Walkman and a copy of Exile, if 'twould please.

[pwl] Gracious Lady, thou art kindness embodied!

[soma] That's okay, return it by Demon Express at Armageddon then. be continued? Mwa-ha-hahhhrr!

"...methinks you'll need some Immortal Batteries though! ;)" ~ Soma