These are extracts from a PoetNet Session. If you want to join in, or start, similar events, send me something inspirational, marked with permission for sending on. The following is a good example: a multiway email sequence between kindred poet-entities around the globe. It led to some strange and beautiful words. I reproduce parts of the sequence here with permission.

With my thanks to all for the nightshared thought...


Subject: in the night
Date: 26/08/97 Time: 3:59am

well you guys seem to like my work so here's something i just wrote. Enjoy (hah!)

in the night

a light in a far-off window - some wretch like me.
midnight wears on infinitesimally.
a plane circles, again and again, unseen in the night
but heard by sleepless paranoids cringing in cold beds.
i have pored over thick books, trying to find myself in the cross-index.
no success.
only dust.
only a hole inside
made not by booklice
but by the factors at the frail footbridge between humanity and inhumanity.
mortality; immortality; immorality. i lie
wanting to hide in the twisted sheets, wanting
to be alone but not lonely-
or assimilation.
these nights are the hardest.
the widespread routine of going to a solitary bed
unaware of the great space around the body, no partner at one's side
is perhaps preferable
to hypersensitivity of the situation.
preferable also
to this sick sensation of saturation
the horror of oneself and one's compatriots in life
the terror of touch. living within a fleshly shell and in others' heads,
becoming to them something one is not, or worse, will prove to be.
i am not a topic of conversation.
i am not a name nor a proprietor.
but i sleep alone.
i am deeply loved and love as deeply as i know how.
that makes existence difficult when the black night takes me by the hand
and digs in its sharp nails of insomnia
and wearied sorrow; then releases.
i suck my palm and wonder when someone will join me here.

written in the midnight hour of august 26 1997; inspired by the songs
"insomnia" and "love is like clock law" among other sources.
"if only the sun would shine tonight..."

love and napalm,

From: jenniver
Subject: Softly spoke the night...
Date: 29/08/97

...though there was a really wild storm here. I scribbled this in my nightnotes, but slept deep through most of it. Bits of tree all over the roads on the way in. About 8:30am now.


I settle to my night nest
pull an extra blanket snug
against the rattling of the rain
turn pillow and so ward
the wailing of the wind

And lie awake alone and calm

If you were here I would cry for the joy
—though you might think me strange
But as you are not I can cry for the space
—and as I am strange you should not care

The space I keep warm at my side

In case you should want
to creep in from the rain
and the desolation out there

Like a wraith with a shiver
of long sodden wild hair
and the rain on your face

All would be dried
with a sleepy smile
and the desolation in here

Inspired by words in here and words out there.
Sometime between midnight and dawn 28-29th August 1997. England.

kisses blown across a minefield,

From: Wan April
Subject: Softly spoke the Dark...

<< the door creaks twice... >>
we dance through gateways
servers sing at our command
a modem mumbles in the night...

April Wan ~ 1st September 1997 (c)

Subject: Hold the Night
Date: 29/08/97 Time: 1:40pm

We are the story
that cannot be told;
we are the thought
that hangs in the void;
we are the dream
no lovers can hold.


there is a time for meeting
there is the time for parting
there is all time
to meet again

BBFN, jenni ~ september '97...
hope i'll be back next year

we of unmarked grave...

count them as Unknown Soldiers
they that fell to our words division
and bifurcation of thoughts legion
i mourn dreams; tombs unlettered

April Wan ©Nov97

Hi from All in here to All out there...

"On a teardrop that fell from heaven, you wrote:"
"If I may beg a right of reply, to the Strange..."
"«I go to illuminate and darken by appropriate turns!»
Good Lady, so you do! (:>) I am humbled in the night."
"«Keep scribbling, lest the voices lead you to sanity.»
Aptly completed. Perish the thought of sanity. It must be so boring.
I would become lonely and cranky without my voices. [cackle]"
"A thought pops out of the whimsical abyss with the soft clap of a one-winged butterfly..."
"As a cloned avatar dated 8/29/97 3:53pm, you whispered in a dark twin's ear:" now you know. Wanna play with us? All words cherished. Mail them to me or visit the LINKS page for others. Poets visit, poets depart: this place as all others. But their thought remains.

All material copyright reserved as attributed.

My Prayer – to Lady of the Dark

Save me from the tyranny of rhyme,
alliteration and the other crime:
just give me words that bite,
and wake me in the night.

Pwl ~ 1997©

"«We live our lives as a tale that is told» ...So hear your own tongue make the story unfold."