Ask me not from where I hail
For you would disdain my answer
Ask me not where I am bound
For I do not have that knowledge
Ask me not to give my name
For you may not find me worthy
Ask me not to tell my past
For I may describe your future
Ask me not to pass on by
For there is reason in my staying
I shall stay with you awhile
To bring light to darkened halls
I shall sing for you awhile
To bring tales of grief and glory
I shall rest with you awhile
To share your gladness and your woe
I shall watch you for awhile
To learn your strengths and failings
I shall leave you in awhile
To give you sorrow at my passing.

Kym ap Rhys ~ 1997 ©


Years following years steal something every day; At last they steal us from ourselves away. ~ Alexander Pope 1688—1744