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Hall of Broken Mirrors ~ Pwl Poetry for Wintry Nights
Dotlands ~ Paul Caving Images, Prepress notes etc.
The Rookery ~ CorHroc Tales of the Dark Corvidae.
The Bookery in the Rookery ~ Pwl Corvine Ornithology Library
FluffPhone ~ PTech Best Headphone in the World!
PTech Services, UK ~ NOT STARTED YET!
Process Products, UK ~ Paul (Temp test/sample pages for.)
Hands On Records, UK ~ CyberCrow (Now deleted)
Tribal Ikon UV-Fluoro Designs ~ Pwl (Temp test/sample pages for.)
Tully & Co, Estate Agents ~ Paul (Now deleted)

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But in her web she still delights
To weave the mirror's magic sights
~ Tennyson (Lady of Shalott)