The FluffPhone:
A DJ-useful alternative to headphones

[image NNk] Standard model, finished with black synthetic fur

Only 35-00
(Plus 3-00 P&P UK mainland)

Easy on the hand and ear:

  • Designed for DJs, specifically for live mixing of dance music
  • Superior sub-bass response
  • Higher power capability without distortion or rattle
  • Soft and non-slip to hold
  • Heavy and compact: stays where you put it down
  • Non-tangle design

No more Nuisance in the Mixing Booth
How often do you pick up conventional headphones, listen to a few beats, put them down, see them slide off to the floor, and have to untangle from their own lead? There is no reason to suffer this annoyance any longer.

The FluffPhone is designed to avoid all the nuisance-factor of live mixing with conventional headphones.

Simply hold in the hand and press to ear to hear the awesome bass with superb isolation from background sound. Not enough hands while mixing? Just tuck the FluffPhone on shoulder; the large, flat, fur-covered shape nestles comfortably without any tendency to slip out. The FluffPhone is heavy; it balances nicely and resists pulling by the cable.

Awesome Bass
Put the FluffPhone down either way up. Ear-side down on a solid surface shuts most of the sound off, though touching with a hand means you still feel the beat. The high mass gives it a very low self-resonant frequency. Put it down ear-side up and you can still hear it from some distance. It projects a tight sound. If you want it loud, turn the mixer headphone level up to max; the Fluffphone will take it from any mixer with plenty to spare. (Although few mixers can provide an undistorted headphone output at full power.)

A Robust Bit of Kit
Both the FluffPhone body and connection lead are designed to be much tougher than standard studio- or hifi-type headphones. Prototype development tests have included dropping, kicking, and exposure to some very wild DJ-creatures at some very wild parties.

Standardised Lead
Supplied complete with detachable lead, fitted with tough, solid-metal 1/4-inch jack plugs at both ends. Manufactured from super-flexible, round-section Gotham GAC2 cable. Connectors are reversible. Lead may be replaced by any standard stereo/balanced jacklead, screened or unscreened.

Kewl Colours
The FluffPhone is available in plain crow-black, or a variety of bright raver-stylee colours, including fluoro.

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Available in many colours. Click on any image to see a larger photo.

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"No Critters were Harmed in the Development or Manufacture of this Product."
("Though we did accidentally beaky-crunch a few little ferrites in the gyring. Hr'rrk." ~ CyberCrow)

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