To other Corvophiles, of course!

Though some prefer the term to be "Corvidophiles."
Anyway, these are all other net-entities that are enchanted by
Ravens, Crows, Rooks, Magpies, Choughs, Jackdaws, and Jays.

I feel some affinity with these entities also.

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Comet and Corvus

Short training-flights to beyond the skies we know...
Anecdotes and observations of corvids in the humanoid world. Sometimes they wish to take over that world, and decline to be rehabilitated back into the wild. (:>~

FAUST the CROW (Note new location Jan02)
A short but amusing page about a Carrion Crow mind-tweaking its pet Earthwalker. (Probably one of the more intelligent variants of Homo sapiens) Has good piccies of this darkly elegant Corvus corone corone, who has trained the human as a riding-animal. Faust is a very bold and mischievous crow. A few words from Faust: "My favorite pastime is thrashing computer mice and disks. KRRRAAaaaah !!!!"

A delightful tale of a Magpie Pica pica rescued and successfully rehabbed. (If anyone finds an email addy for the author, please tell me 'cos I have not been able to send thanks, ask permission for link etc.)

Another true anecdote, this time of a Jay. Although brightly colourful of plumage, the Jays are closely related to the black Crow family. And just as mischievous: "The rules of his game were simple--whatever he could carry in his beak was HIS!"

A simply lovely poem about a White Crow, walking in the snow. By "Gini"

An Eccentric RavenPoet, but very busy raising own nestling recently. Yet has collected some nice shinies here, with links to some very obscure places, both Poesy and Science. Krah! Getcha beak into these!

Corvus Muiredachus mac Murchadh has rather beakily transcribed "Has Success Spoiled the Crow?" by David Quammen. Go read this extract of pithy corvo-comment!

Ethan in the chilly clime of the Northern USA weaves a cautionary tale of what can happen when one attempts to save injured wildlife.

...but if you wish for dark wings to fly your airsoul to the far side of the blue blue yonder...
These are good starting points for serious corvo-exploration: major roosts with lots of info onsite, some with links to more of the Corvid skies than I have yet flown around. CAW!

A fellow-Brit Corvid, darkpoet, wordsmith. Generous with Shinythings. CAW! Does weird things to computers. Don't even ask. Even then, you might get an email reply containing a fresh-plucked eyeball. Aww, what a sweet gesture from one Corvid to another. (:>) But caw-dammit, this delicacy is not for eating! It looks back at you! Hraek!

An adventurous Canadian Corvid. Sometimes flies over to visit relatives held prisoner in the Tower of London. Makes better RavenSpeech than I can. In company with RavenBlack, aided and abetted the re-stealing of my motorcar from a London carpark that had stolen it. Hrak! What foolish carpark-owner would try such a tourist-scam trick on THREE Ravens!

RAVENS KEEP (Note new location Aug98)
Azrael, the Aussie Raven... "If you need to ask what it is to be a Corvid then you are not one. You are free to live a normal and dull life." Hehe! Need I quoth more? CAW! Some fascinating Aborigine Crow Legends too. Dream your time in antipodean skies to find how Crow became Black.

A pair of C. Brachyrhynchos... welcome you to their big black corvicentric universe... "A website devoted to information, issues and blatant admiration of THE AMERICAN CROW"
CAW! I flew over the little pond-thing one fine morn, and there it was, sparkling with many a fine shiny! CAW! They even have a Corvine MESSAGE BOARD
Oh, and it is all there, really. A huge and corvidly splendiferous site! But if you get a silly error-message to say it doesn't exist, try again later or next day. (Some anti-corvid plot hatched in the nastiness of the random Earthwalker minds, I suspect. Hrak! Typical!)
NOTE: BBS seems to have been taken down now, due to malignant postings. [jan2001]

Magnus Goliath watches the Ravens in Sweden. The Raven in myth and reality. From Odin's own homelands. Dark is this sky.

Corynn the Dreamthief, part Irish, part Norwegian, all Corvine Attitude....
Caws from Seattle area and Washington State University, collects Crow Counting Rhymes. Also Crows in Greek Mythology and Native American Crow Stories. And the obligatory The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, but this one is annotated. CAW!

Comprehensive review of a new book by David Wood. Deeply funny, moving, and heretical: Order your copy before the wretched Earthwalkers ban it! (They have already started to do so.) ...."Why did the human not kill me? he wondered. And what was that I saw within its eyes? I have seen the look before, but where? And it came to him. It was the look of a Crow when he is taken by the knowledge of kella".... Read more about that onsite. I can't wait to get my copy of the bound-scroll though! HRAERKEN!

CARL COOK PHOTOGRAPHY (Note: updated site, new location Jul01)
An American naturalist and photographer. These are his Crow Pages. Some very beautiful photos of Corvus brachyrhynchos. This is exhibition-quality photography. Prints available for sale, also a bumper-sticker! CAW! How does an American Crow sort berries in size-order for bill-carrying? Here is the photojournalist's answer. And an eyewitness account of a Crow Funeral.

The pages of Johnny Crowseed, corvo-poet and storm-shaman of the trance-dance. We seem to have so much thought in common, it is to the mutual-wonder of our cyberskies that our flightpaths had not crossed before. Perhaps as well, for we have both written tales of parallel crow-thought: these matters are always for the better in being researched independently. But now we share many a fair-scribed tale-fevva. Krah! Go read this bird's book: extracts are onsite. Some fascinating and original schizophrenia-dreams also. Yeah verily, the crow-soul is a complex-entity indeed. Hr'rrrk. [May2000]

...fact is oft stranger than fiction...
Modern ornithology sites with corvid pages, and serious scientific studies of the corvidae. Hard science and common-sense birdwatching. Though many of us find the corvidae astonishingly complex to study in any depth, compounded by feelings that the birds study us back! Corvids often seem to mischievously enjoy spoiling any experiment planned for them, and to play with ornithologist's minds. Heh. It is so difficult to remain objective under such circumstances. (:>)

Professor at University of Vermont. Has made field studies of Ravens for several decades. This guy's books were deeply influential to my own corvine studies. Only a page or two here. Read his books for a deeper appreciation of his work. Relevant printed-shinies listed on my Bookery pages. [Jul2000]

Another American Professor, mainly studying C. brachyrhynchos. From his very extensive Crow-FAQ: What mythologies are associated with crows? "Lots, but they're way more boring than the real stuff crows do! (I'm a biologist, not an anthropologist. These things tell you lots about people, but little about animals. IMHO)" [Jul2000]

Page about the Rooks of New Zealand. These are non-native, but were deliberately introduced by European settlers of long ago. Could be an interesting field for comparative study. Most intriguing to learn that the birds seem to have transferred their acorn-caching behaviour to the walnut. Heh. Been looking for info on this for a while; seems to be a subject studiously ignored by all books found in UK, including the hugely authoritive tomes about the flora and fauna of NZ. If anyone finds further info on NZ corvids, please let me know. [Oct2000]

Red Kite feeding station in Wales. These are magnifient birds in their own right, apart from the fact that they have a long historical association with Ravens: in byegone centuries, both these species played a significant role in sanitising mediaeval towns. So it is pleasing to note that Ravens also join in the modern-day fun. (:>) This is one of the few places where an ornithologist may almost be guaranteed to observe Corvus corax in the wild. [Dec2000] be careful what you wish for. Hr'rrrrrk.

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Then, upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking
Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore—
What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore
Meant in croaking, "Nevermore."
~ Edgar Allan Poe, 1845