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The Bookery in the Rookery

There is a fine tradition of Corvine Storytelling in the English Literature.
So I am glad to know that there is good historical precedent for my own oddly whimsies.
Apart from the serious ornithological texts of course.

There ought to be two main categories....

Modern writings:
Books should be reasonably easy to find, even if officially out of print. These are usually still within copyright period, by living authors, published by existing publishers. These books will be described and short extracts quoted, but only for purposes of fair review. Please buy the printed book to read the rest of it. If it has an ISBN number, you should be able to quote that to almost any bookshop, and have them order it for you.

Old writings:
Long out of print: collector's books. May be expensive, but not necessarily impossible to find. Try Antiquarian Booksellers. Ask for them to keep a beady eye out. I have freely transcribed all corvo-relevant parts of those texts that I believe are copyright expired. I do this without gainful intent, as a service to Corvo-kind. And for the respectful memory of those beloved-few writers who have studied the Corvidae in olden-times. That they shall be not forgot.

....but I have muddled works from these categories quite hopelessly. Hraek!

You'll just have to put up with them listed by alpha order of author. If it transpires that some otherbird owns copyright and maken caw-objection, I am prepared to withdraw material, or show details of where the reprinted texts may be obtained from.

CAW! On with the bookshelf rummaging then....

Tony Angell
Ravens Crows Magpies and Jays
1978 University of Washington Press. Printed in the USA.
ISBN 0-88894-178-1

Laurence Anholt
The Magpie Song
Illustrated by Dan Williams
First published in Great Britain in 1995 by William Heinemann Ltd.
Published 1997 by Mammoth an imprint of Reed International Books Ltd, London, Auckland, and Melbourne. ISBN 0-7497-3027-7

Charles S. Bayne
The Call of the Birds.
With illustrations by C. F. Tunnicliffe.
1946 reprint. First published 1929. Collins, London and Glasgow.
BIRDS AT PLAY (Rooks, Jackdaws, Ravens)

S. Vere Benson
The Observer's Book of Birds
1969 reprint of 1965 Revised Edition.
Frederick Warne & Co Ltd, London & New York. Printed in Great Britain.
(See also 'The Birds of the British Isles and their Eggs' by T A Coward)

Nicolas Bentley
Nicolas Bentley's Book of Birds
1965 first published. Andre Deutsch Ltd, London

The Magpies ~ The ecology and behaviour of...
1991 T&AD Poyser, London. ISBN 0-85661-067-4

E. Catherine Clements
Birds at My Door
First published 1963 by Faber & Faber, London

Franklin Coombs
The Crows ~ A study of the Corvids of Europe
1978 B.T. Batsford, London. ISBN 0-7134-1327-1

J.E.Cooper &J.T.Eley (edited by)
First Aid and Care of Wild Birds
1984 Fourth impression. First published 1979.
David & Charles (Publishers) Ltd. Newton Abbot, Devon. ISBN 0-7153-7664-0

T.A. Coward
The Birds of the British Isles and their Eggs
4th edition 1933, first published 1920
Frederick Warne & Co Ltd, London & New York. Printed in Great Britain
(See also 'Observers Book of Birds' by Benson)
(See also 'Observers Book of Birds Eggs' by Evans)

With the original coloured illustrations by Archibald Thorburn.
(The later Observers' books used a cropped monochrome version of this picture.)
So here is the beauteous original Rook illustration in all its treetop-viewpoint glory!....
Rook illustration by Archibald Thorburn (44k)

Whitney J. Dough
Andy: Twenty-four Years of Fowl Play with a Talking Crow
1997 edition. (First published 1955 as: Fowl Play ~ Twenty Hilarious Years with a Talking Crow)
ISBN 1-57736-040-0

Theodora DuBois
Banjo the Crow
Illustrations by Helen Torrey
1943 The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

G. Evans (Compiled by)
The Observer's Book of Birds' Eggs
1957 Third reprint. (Revised Edition 1954)
Frederick Warne & Co Ltd, London & New York
(See also 'The Birds of the British Isles and their Eggs' by T A Coward)

W. Warde Fowler
Tales of the Birds.
With illustrations by Bryan Hook
1891 Second edition. First published 1888.
A TRAGEDY IN ROOK-LIFE (Long tale: 4600 words.)

Summer Studies of Birds and Books
1895 Macmillan & Co, London & New York

John Gooders
Pocket Guide Birds of Britain and Ireland
1995 Larousse Plc, London. ISBN 0-7523-0016-4

Derek Goodwin
Crows of the World
1976 First published. Cornell University Press, New York. ISBN 0-8014-1057-6

Douglas Gordon
The Pageant of Wings
1938 First edition.

Birds ~ Their Latin Names Explained

Roland Green
Wing Tips
1947 Adam & Charles Black, London

Nicholas Hammond & Michael Everett
Birds of Britain and Europe
1980 First publication. Pan Books Ltd, London
ISBN 0-330-26023-5

Bird for all Seasons
1973 First published. Macmillan London Ltd
SBN 333 14575 5

Peter Hayman & Philip Burton
The Birdlife of Britain
1978 edition. (First published in UK October 1976)
Book Club Associates, London. Produced in association with the RSPB

George Hearn
True Dramas of Wild Life

Bernd Heinrich
Ravens in Winter
1990. ISBN 0-7126-3829-6

A Year in the Maine Woods
1994. ISBN 0-201-48939-2

Mind of the Raven
1999 First edition, hardback
ISBN 0-06-017447-1

Hermann Heinzel, Richard Fitter, John Parslow
The Birds of Britain of and Europe
1972 First published. Collins, London. ISBN 00-212034-8

Otto Herman & J. A. Owen
Birds Useful and Birds Harmful
1909. Sherratt & Hughes, Manchester and London.

Joan Hicks
Their Flight Shall Continue

Eric Hosking and Cyril Newberry
The Art of Bird Photography
1948 Revised and enlarged edition. First Published 1944. Country Life Ltd, London

Bird Photography as a Hobby
1961 First published. Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd, London.

More Birds of the Day
1946 Collins, London.

Miriam Blanton Huber, Frank Seeley Salisbury, Arthur I. Gates
Smoky the Crow
Illustrated by Fred Ludekens
1944 reprint. First Published 1943. The Macmillan Company, New York

W. H. Hudson
Adventures among Birds
1928 reprint. Originally published in book form 1913
J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London & Toronto
CARDINAL (Sorrows of a caged bird)

Birds in Town and Village
1920 First US edition.
(Extended version of 1893 *Birds a Village*)
With pictures by E.J. Detmond
1920 First US edition. E.P. Dutton & Company, New York

Ted Hughes
Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow
1974 Faber paperback edition. First published 1972.
ISBN 0-571-09915-7

Aldous Huxley
The Crows of Pearblossom
Illustrated by Barbara Cooney
Written Christmas 1944
1967 Random House Inc, New York, Weekly Reader Children's Book Club

Thomas Ingoldsby
Ye Jackdaw of Rheims
With ye old Writing & ye new Illustrations by Ernest Maurice Jessop
Prynted & Published by Eyre & Spotiswoode. Prynters to the Queens most Excellent Majestie;
at their house in Great New Street, over against Fetter Lane, London.
Undated, loose-bound illuminated manuscript. But not as old as it purports to be: believe mock-gothic. Handwritten dedication "Dec 1905"
Oh, have a sample page and illustration for now....
Folio17 (48k) So they canonized hym by the name of Jym Crowe!
Folio18 (29k) Endplate illustration

Rev. C.A. Johns, F.H. Carruthers Gould, and others.
I Go A-Walking
Illustrations from photographs by Charles Reid
1905 T.N. Foulis, Edinburgh and London
Just for this photo of four Rooks on a signboard.... Warders of the Lane (42k)

P. J. Johnson
Rhymes of the Raven Lady
1995 Hancock House Publishers, Canada and USA.
ISBN 0-88839-366-0

John Kearton
Bird Life in England
1931 First edition. Philip Allan, London
BIRD LIFE NEAR LONDON (Rooks, Jackdaws, Magpies)

Lawrence Kilham
The American Crow and the Common Raven
Illustrations by Joan Waltermire
1997 Fourth printing. Copyright 1989.
Texas University Press, Texas USA. ISBN 0-89096-466-1

Charles de Lint
Someplace to be Flying (Novel)
1999 Pan Paperback. First published 1998 Macmillan Publishers Ltd
ISBN 0 330 368702

David Linton
Photographing Nature
1965 First published.

R.B. Lodge
Pictures of Bird Life
1903 First edition. S.H. Bousfield & Co, Ltd, London

William J. Long
Fowls of the Air
Illustrated by Charles Copeland

Konrad Z. Lorenz
King Soloman's Ring ~ New Light on Animal Ways
Illustrated by the Author
Tanslated from the German by Marjorie Kerr Wilson
Foreward by Julian Huxley
1953 The Reprint Society, London. First published 1952

E. V. Lucas
Out of a Clear Sky
Second edition 1929. Methuen & Co. Ltd. London. First published 1928

Steve Madge & Hillary Burn
Crows And Jays ~ A guide to the Crows, Jays and Magpies of the World
1994. Reprinted 1994. Christopher Helm (Publishers) Ltd, a subsidiary of A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd, London.
ISBN 0-7136-3999-7

John Marchington
Photographing Wild Life
1971 First published. Faber and Faber Ltd, London.

Gavin Maxwell
Raven Seek Thy Brother
1970 Pan edition. First published 1968. ISBN 0-330-02523-6
Slowly Through a Land of Stone (Raven Poem)

Raphael Nelson, FRSA
Birds of the Hedgerow, Field and Wood
1947 First printing

Arthur F. Park FRPS
Making friends with Birds

Roger Peterson, Guy Mountfort, P.A.D. Hollom
A Field Guide to the Birds of Britain of and Europe
1969 12th impression. (Revised and Enlarged Edition 1965, Original Edition 1954.)
Collins, London. No ISBN

Roger Tory Peterson & The Editors of LIFE
The Birds
1963 (c) Time Inc, New York

Oliver G. Pike (FRPS)
Adventures in Birdland

(Date not shown. Est. c1920 from internal ref to Great War)
This volume consists of Captain Pike's two delightful books "Birdland's Little People" and "Birdland Stories," and is issued at the special request of many friends.

Derek Ratcliffe
The Raven ~ A Natural History in Britain and Ireland
Illustrations by Chris Rose
1997 First edition. T & A D Poyser ltd, London. ISBN 0-85661-090-9

Jane Ratcliffe
Fly High Run Free

Kenneth Richmond
Krark: the story of a Carrion Crow
1945. Published George Routledge & Sons, London.
(Currently OCR/copytyping ALL of the book: give caw-encouragement if you want a preview, and I'll ask for proofreading duties.) It's about 60k-words. (:>)

Stephanie Ryder
Blind Jack
1960 First Published in Great Britain by George Harrap & Co Ltd.

Also USA edition. (With different plates.) 1961 First Printing.
1960 The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

Geoff Sample
Bird Call Identification
Includes CD of 130 species
1998 First published. Harper Collins, London. ISBN 0-00-220122-4

Laurens Sargent
Consider the Birds
First printed 1943. Reprinted 1944, 1947, 1949

Howard Saunders
An Illustrated Manual of British Birds
1899 Second edition. (First published 1889) Gurney and Jackson, London

Candace Savage
Bird Brains ~ The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays
First printed 1995 Sierra Club Books, San Francisco. SIERRA BOOKS
Paperback edition 1997. ISBN 0-87156-956-6

Ernest Thompson Seton
Lobo and other Stories
(Including Siverspot the Crow)
(Not dated, animal anecdotes from c1890, Canada)
Hodder and Stoughton, England. Illustrated.

M.K.C. Scott
(Date not shown. Estimated 1950) Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, Edinburgh.

Raymond Sheppard
How to Draw Birds
1942 Fourth Impression. First printed July 1940
The Studio Publications, London and New York

R. Bosworth Smith
Bird Life and Bird Lore
Sample photo for now, presumed by the author....Young Ravens (66k)
(Currently OCR/copytyping much of the bodytext: give caw-encouragement if you want a sneaky-preview.)

John Stacey
This Wild Company
(not dated)

Edward Stanley, DD, FRS, Lord Bishop of Norwich
A Familiar History of Birds
1880 Revised edition. Longmans Green and Co, London.

Sir J. Arthur Thomson
The Ways of Birds
(Date not shown. Estimated 1940-50)

Katherine Tottenham
Bird Doctor
1961 Thomas Nelson & Sons, Edinburgh

Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald F.L.S.
British Birds and their Nests
Colour Illustrations by Allen W. Seaby
1954 Fifth edition. Wills & Hepworth Ltd, Loughborough.

A Second Book of British Birds and their Nests
Colour Illustrations by Allen W. Seaby
1955 Fourth edition. Wills & Hepworth Ltd, Loughborough.

A Third Book of British Birds and their Nests
Colour Illustrations by Roland Green
(Date not shown.) Wills & Hepworth Ltd, Loughborough.

John Wakefield
The Strange World of Birds

Watkin Watkins, B.A.Cantab
The Birds of Tennyson
Illustrated by G.E.Lodge

John Watson (Editor) by Various Writers
Ornithology in relation to Agriculture and Horticultue
1893 W.H. Allen & Co, London

Peter Weaver
The Birdwatcher's Dictionary
1981 First published

Gilbert White
The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne
(First published 1789)
1993 Thames & Hudson edition compiled by Ronald Davidson-Houston.
ISBN 0-500-97409-8
1989 Penguin Classic edition. ISBN 0-14-043112-8

Katherine M. Wilson
The Story of a Rook
Illustrated by Len Fullerton
Hutchinson's Books for Young People, London
Undated. Flyleaf states: THIS BOOK IS PRODUCED IN COMPLETE CONFORMITY WITH THE AUTHORIZED ECONOMY STANDARDS. Handwritten dedication "From Mum & Dad:- Christmas 1961."

David Wood
The Image and the Likeness (Novel)
1998 first edition, signed by the author.
Pelagian Press, Roslindale Massachusetts USA. ISBN 0-9662364-9-1
Review and tantalising extracts at: CROWBOOK
(My own review will have to wait until finished studying the splendid-shiny!)
(Krah! Now some otherbird has borrowed the shiny! I demand a review in fair return then!)

Taro Yashima
Crow Boy
1983 edition. (First published 1955)
ISBN 0-14-050172-X

Dorothy Yglesias
The Cry of a Bird
Illustrated by Phyllis Yglesias
1962 Longmans, Green and Co. Ltd, London.
First published 1961, William Kimber.

Plenty more copytyping and scanning from the books yet to do. (:>)

My caw-thanks....

To people who have gifted me with books, or pointed out sources, or accompanied me on interminable expeditions to Antiquarian Bookshops, often pouncing with glinty eyne straight to the best find of the day.

Corvophile netfriends, especially those Erudite Ravens: Black, NightShade, Damask, Azrael, Zanangel, and that Crafty Crow: Soma. Cheer-caws for the Seven Secretive Corvids!

Keen Ornithologists: the observers of precision and wit, and those who will always try to help any bird found injured. Especially to Laurence Jackson, JayDee, and other irregulars of the excellent and informative UK Birds newsgroup.

Kym the Magic Magpie (a Morrigan in disguise, I suspect), for turning of net-stones and always successfully bidding for Shinies-at-Auction. "Chakka-chak-CHAK!!!" [to a loud techno-beat] Andrya the Booksome Jay for help in guesstimating the printing-era of those tomes who bear no flyleaf date. This gaudy and flittersome creature is part of a brilliant Party-scene too! Well, what would you expect from a plurality of Jays? Stewart, who I reckon is a bit of a Jackdaw, part-time at least: from wicked grin when poking mischief at the earthbound-plodding, and from optimistic colonial nesting habits of scattering sticks everywhere in the hope that some might be of use. (:>) Cheow-CHEOW!

And apart from those good birds who oft have croak-communion with me, thanks also to the stranger-birds that have given a caw of a shiny-snippet seen, or asked some odd little corvo-query before flitting off again into the wide blue skies. May fairwinds be ever under their wings.

Crow communes with poltergeists out of old ponds.
His wings are the stiff back of his only book,
Himself the only page—of solid ink."
~ Ted Hughes.

Poet Laureate from 1984. Deceased 1998